About I.C.S Vero Beach

I.C.S. Security Concepts Inc. is a local firm that specializes in all aspects of Safety and Security. Our Executive Management team has over 100 years combined experience in the delicate field of Security Operations. As an acclaimed firm of security professionals and executive protection officers with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of our esteemed clients, we have a portfolio of completed and on-going projects with particular emphasis on loss prevention, personal protection, executive protection, CCTV (Home and Business Security Camera Systems), Guard Services and more.

Our Mission Statement

We are a comprehensive Security Agency that offers secure solutions for our clients in order to bring more safety and peace of mind to the communities we all love. From personal protection and guarded corporate site security, to event stabilization and protection, we offer a full suite of carefully strategized, customized solutions to our clients.

We take your security needs very seriously. We use experience, innovation and technology to help provide a safe and secure environment to our clients in the midst of an unstable world. With our carefully selected security officers who undergo additional training as we bring them onboard, paired with state of the art technology solutions, our mantra is: Better Security. Simply Better Service.

Our Heritage and Philosophy

Founded in 1994 in Nassau, Bahamas by a Bahamian Police Officer and emerging businessman Mr. Stephen Greenslade, I.C.S. Security Concepts hit the ground running. You see, Mr. Greenslade had a great idea: that he could do a better service to his country if he started a security firm second to none. This way, instead of being just one police officer on the street, he could train many to be great security providers, with the same determination, desire to protect and help their fellow citizen, and then send them out to local details to provide protection where the police simply couldn’t be constantly. This birthed the idea of the original slogan; “Keeping an Eye on Things”. Mr. Greenslade worked quickly, initially putting into place the structure, additional guard training, and superior one-on-one client customization that makes the company a renowned player in the Global Security industry today.

Mr. Greenslade set his sights on strengthening the core of his operation by operating a recognized global brand. Thus, I.C.S. of Vero Beach was founded in 2015. The new Vero Beach, Florida operation was executed through a partnership with Mr. Harry Jones, a lifelong public servant born and raised in Indian River County.

Our Executive Staff

Our executive management team is comprised of:

Carolyn Stilwell

President – I.C.S. Vero Beach

Ms. Carolyn Stilwell is a Bahamian American with 34 years of experience as a public service professional.  Ms. Stilwell has been a resident of Miami-Dade County since 1973.  A retired Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue employee, Ms. Stilwell currently works part-time at Kendall Community Church of God as Office Manager, and serves a member of the Bereavement and Support Group, and the Florida Christian Women Connection. 

Throughout her career with Miami-Dade County, Ms. Stilwell was an exemplary employee, committed to excellence and dedication.  During her tenure with Miami Dade County, Ms. Stilwell served in progressively more responsible positions, and ultimately managed the Director's Office of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department, an organization with approximately 2,500 employees, and also worked in the Office of the County Manager.  As part of her professional training, she received Supervisor Certification and Ethics Training from Miami-Dade County, and Business Writing Certification from Barry University.
Ms. Stilwell served as the department liaison with the Miami-Dade County Commission, coordinating all of the department agenda items through the legislative process, including code modifications, budget items, purchasing and contractual issues.   

Ms. Stilwell received numerous commendations from her peers and supervisors for her excellent professional demeanor and skills. She was named Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue 2003 "Employee of the Year".   In addition to her professional career, Ms. Stilwell has contributed significant time over the years to such organizations as the United Way, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.

Additional information regarding Ms. Stilwell's background is available upon request.

Harry Jones

Vice President / COO- I.C.S. Vero Beach
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A 25 year public safety professional, Mr. Jones was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida.  He started serving Indian River County as a young volunteer in public safety before securing his first position as a firefighter/paramedic in 1994.  Through years of excellent, courteous service to Brevard County, he rose through the ranks, continuing his education and specialization in Homeland Security, emergency management, risk management, security and fire services, community corrections / probation, electronic monitoring, and several other related areas of experience.

Mr. Jones has attended extensive training with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for emergency management, counter terrorism and counter IED education.  He has served as the Regional Director of Florida Operations / Probation Officer for Court Programs, a community corrections agency, where he received training in narcotics identification and drugs of abuse testing procedures.  Mr. Jones also specializes in Public Information / Media Relations and has gained the respect of several members of both local and regional press.

A full biography of Mr. Jones’ certifications, education, news articles and volunteer service is available upon request.

Stephen Greenslade

Founder/Owner, I.C.S. Security Concepts Bahamas-International
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Mr. Greenslade, International Security Specialist and Entrepreneur, after serving his home country of the Bahamas as a Law Enforcement Officer, originally founded I.C.S. Security Concepts over 20 years ago.  Since then Mr. Greenslade has worked tirelessly to bring the company to the international standard of excellence that it is today.

Mr. Greenslade is a Certified Protection Officer (International Foundation of Protection Officers), Certified Fraud Investigator and has served as Director of Security for three of the largest and most prestigious resorts in the Bahamas.  Mr. Greenslade’s professional experience also includes private investigator, security specialist, risk management, and several years of experience in various Special Operations during his tenure with the Royal Bahamas Police Force.  He is a member of The Rotary Club of Nassau, American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), and interim secretary of the Board of Directors of The Bahamas Security Association.

As a visionary for recidivism reduction in his home country of the Bahamas, Mr. Greenslade also implemented, with the assistance of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, their nationwide electronic monitoring and pre-trial release programs.

Gretchen Jones

Operations Executive, I.C.S. Vero Beach
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A resident of Vero Beach since childhood, Mrs. Jones began serving Indian River County as a Sheriff’s Deputy in 2001. While maintaining a spotless record, Mrs. Jones was awarded several Commendations from Sheriff Roy Raymond, citing many letters from citizens complementing the Sheriff for Mrs. Jones’ courteous demeanor in many different scenarios, her sharp investigative skills and attention to detail at crime scenes. Mrs. Jones also continued her education in policing during her service, including attending survival and self-defense classes designed specifically for female police officers, close combat scenarios, and community policing with an emphasis on citizens with disabilities.

In 2006 Mrs. Jones was appointed as Fire Chaplain for Micco Fire Department, and has served in ministerial capacities ever since, including serving on the Board of Directors for The Buggy Bunch of Vero Beach, where she filled the leadership role of Grief Counselor for mothers who had suffered loss. In 2010 Mrs. Jones was given the position of Office Administrator for Our Savior Lutheran Church, where she led an office staff and over 30 church volunteers. Mrs. Jones currently holds a certification of Security Agency Manager from the state of Florida.

Other credentials pertaining to her service and experience are available upon request.


Additional Professional Staffers

In order to have such a reputable company, all staff must meet excellent background and experience levels. The various fields that our staff have backgrounds in are: Law Enforcement, Military, public safety, corrections, pre-trial release, and community corrections programs to include drug testing, home onsite visits to ensure Court Ordered Compliance and domestic violence cases to name a few.

When you select I.C.S. Security Concepts Inc. as your service provider, you can rest assured that you are working with long-time residents of the area where you work, live and love, while rising to the task of keeping our communities a safe place to live and grow families. This concept has proven itself in Nassau, Bahamas, a tourist mecca with hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. We are proud to serve the citizens and the many tourists that live in and visit the Bahamas. While our headquarters is in Nassau, I.C.S. is also the premier services provider to many resorts, corporate executives, celebrities, businesses and corporations in much of the Bahamas.

Simply Better Service!